Christian Voters, Suit-Up In God’s Armor

Christian voters suit-up in God's armor.

Election Day is November 8.

Are we ready to win back America? I know we have been in election battle mode for over a year now. Evil has viciously been pitting candidate against candidate, family against family, and friend against friend.

These past months have been tiresome as Christians maneuver to avoid the slings and arrows of satan’s struggle for power. But Christians, we are not called to maneuver, or to navigate or to retreat when it comes to confronting evil. We are called to do just the opposite. Continue reading

Trust In the Word Not The World

Trust in The Word not the world

Was there ever a time you expressed personal views and it was quite obvious you were swimming upstream? You shared a belief that did not flow with the belief of the person you were talking to? I understand the feeling; like I’m drowning all alone. But the Bible tells us many times we need to remain strong and do everything in love – 1 Corinthians 16:13-14, Ephesians 6:10-17. And not to conform to the world – Romans 12:2. Continue reading

I Nominate Daniel! Courage Against Foreigners Award

Courage Against Foreigners Award

The Bible offers us many courageous and faithful men and women, with stories of their dedication and love for God. With respect to all the worldly awards going on around us today, I would like those who read this blog to consider awards for people of the Bible. Here are my nominations in the following seven categories from the Old Testament: Continue reading