5 Steps To Live God-Centered

5 steps to live God-centered

Accounts in the New Testament reveal the Good News being shared with mankind. And because Jesus conquered death through His resurrection, the Apostles now explained there is a new way to lead a God-Centered life. But the question at hand was: Why should the Jews and Gentiles desire to experience this new God-Centered life over their old established God-Centered life?

They must of had many questions about this new religious way of life.

  • Would it help them understand who God is?
  • Would it offer them forgiveness?
  • Would it bring them more joy?
  • Will they receive a more personal relationship with God?
  • Or for that matter, would God even care who is the center of their lives?

Let’s see how the Bible answers these questions.

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When God Seems Unreachable

When God seems unreachable.

This week’s message is a guest post written by fellow Christian blogger, Andrew Gilmore. I thank Andy for taking the time to share a personal story of God’s only true Guide. To read more inspiring posts written by Andy, please visit his blog at Andrew Gilmore.net.

“I write for people who crave a deeper relationship with God, but might not know where to start. I want to give you the tools you need to bring more clarity to your faith, and more intimacy with your Creator.” Andrew Gilmore Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day, God.

3 Things to give God the father

What do we give to the Father who has everything?

Big sales are happening this week-end encouraging customers to purchase gifts for Father’s Day. While my earthly father lived, I bought him items he wanted that matched his hobbies. But as I think about my heavenly Father, what can I give Him that He truly wants? Continue reading

Jesus – Lunatic, Liar, or Truthful?

Jesus, lunatic, liar or Truthful?

 Jesus was looked upon as a “Teacher” (John 13:13) during the last three years of His life on earth as He purposefully taught the Word of God to many peoples. But it is the  fact that His teachings were extremely bold that should inspire us to make a clear decision about who The Man really is.  Referencing Him as one who teaches does not measure up to the Truth of His being; and this simple acknowledgment  will not secure for us our inheritable heavenly eternity.  Continue reading

Give Thanks To The Lord…

Give thanks to the LORD.

1 Chronicles 16:34 Give thanks to the Lord [God], for he is good; his love endures forever.

The phrases “Give thanks to the Lord” and “his love endures forever” appear often in the Bible. You can read eleven specific verses from the New International Version Bible at:

1 Chronicles 16:412 Chronicles 20:21Psalm 106:1Psalm 107:1Psalm 118:01Psalm 118:29Psalm 136:1Psalm 136:2Psalm 136:3, Psalm 136:26Jeremiah 33:11

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