Name Your Favorite Artist

God Created

Artists use many mediums to create their masterpieces, and some become very famous for their works. Italian Michelangelo was a gifted master of many art forms. As a painter, his exquisite murals on the Sistine Chaple ceiling stand iconic. Auguste Rodin, … Continue reading

My Writing Source: The BIBLE

So I turned my mind to understand, to-3

My formal education consists of:

  • Twelve years of school 
  • Associate degree in Graphic Arts 

My School of Hard Knocks degrees are in:

  • Thirty years of marriage 
  • Rearing an awesome daughter
  • Fifty-five years of joy and pain 
  • MS diagnosis
  • Growing in my faith 

I am not a specialist or expert on any subject. When I pick a topic to write about, I Continue reading

Categories Of Christians

Genesis to Revelation  by Robert E. Luccock

Genesis to Revelation
by Robert E. Luccock

My Christian study group is currently studying the Bible’s book of Matthew. Matthew’s gospel includes many quotes from the Bible’s Old Testament, along with an abundant amount of references to the Messiah. Matthew’s writing purpose was to clearly state that Jesus is the Savior of the world.

My question to you is, “Is Jesus your Savior?”

Christianity Today, states 75% of Americans call themselves Christian.

They divide that 75% into three categories. Continue reading