Week-End Work-Out for Christian Character

Christian Character

Any athlete can tell you what their best work-out includes. They learn directly from a coach and from years of personal experience,  just what produces the most sweat and makes their muscles burn at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter if they are on the Olympic level, a high school jock, or a morning mall walker. Athletes know and strive for consistent activity that creates positive results.

Jesus Christ is our Hall of Fame coach when it comes to instructing positivity. His Sermon on the Mount, found in Matthew, chapters 5 ,6, and 7, eloquently reveals what is important in life, and how we can grow in the kingdom of heaven. Two thousand years ago,enormous crowds gathered together on a hillside near Capernaum, as Jesus preached for several days the Good News, to all who wanted to hear it.

His sermon is widely accepted and is one of the most quoted sections of the Bible. It reveals to us encouraging instruction on how to love and live with one another.

Let’s plan a week-end work-out of our own.  Not one that builds muscle, but improves our attitude towards others. The following are examples of suggested “exercises” we can use for a productive week-end work-out, and the positive results we will achieve.

  • Remaining polite under times of stress is difficult. In doing so, we strengthen our patience.
  • Helping others when we have our own to-do list depletes our precious time. In doing so, we strengthen our kindness.
  • Donations to those struck by disaster tug at our wallets. In doing so, we strengthen our compassion.
  • Applauding someone else’s idea, over our own, gives us no recognition. In doing so, we strengthen our humility.
  • Visiting someone who needs a friend. In doing so, we strengthen our gentleness.

Just like consistent physical activity creates the desired results athletes strive for, we can achieve a positive life style with the help of repetitive, positive behavior, as instructed to us by our #1 coach, Jesus Christ.

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