JESUS Helps Us Overcome

Jesus helps us overcome

No person is ever so low they can not reach Jesus.

The Son of God spent three years in His earthly ministry. During that time Jesus instructed and demonstrated His love to Israel. Jesus never turned His back on anyone. This includes people the Israelites themselves looked down upon. The same people the Pharisees, a highly respected religious group, chose to disregard as petty, low-life or worthless. Continue reading

TV Land – How Low Will You Go?

TV Land how low will you go?

Not Feeling The Love From My Nostalgia Network.

The title is rhetorical. TV Land needs to offer no written response to this question. Their answer comes in the form of a new television series scheduled to air this month. Continue reading

Learn 5 Biblical Truths Of God

Learn 5 Biblical Truths Of God

God Exists Above All Else.

There is no one else we can always count on. God is consistently with us. God knows our thoughts, words and deeds. He gives us knowledge to choose right, yet – God is the One who knows the future wrongness of our choices. Through all of this… He still loves us.

“How much does He love me?” you may ask yourself. Continue reading