TV Land – How Low Will You Go?

TV Land how low will you go?

Not Feeling The Love From My Nostalgia Network.

The title is rhetorical. TV Land needs to offer no written response to this question. Their answer comes in the form of a new television series scheduled to air this month. It’s a show referring  to a respected profession from which so many creative/ingenious script ideas could have developed. But their writers chose to go the lowbred/tasteless route, obviously assuming their TV Land audience requires no ethical or clever scripts  to be entertained. Thankfully, many viewers disagree.

All italicized comments are taken from the TV Land webpage:

  • I feel as though I’m being assaulted and raped in my own home by your raunchy, revolting scenes of the show… I literally experience a physical reaction of nausea and disgust at that type of humor. It’s NOT funny. Just disgusting. Oh, yes, and the kid Using the Lord’s Name in Vain is very offensive!

You read that right! That viewer heard what I heard in the commercials. The writers  decided they would add “comedy” to their clumsy script by having a child, I’m guessing about age ten, exclaim the name J**** C*****! in “comedic” exasperation.

Yes, I understand this program is aired later at night, while children should be sleeping in their beds. TV Land’s allotted time slot provides for children to more than likely not be watching this exhausting show. But so what? The idea that young children should not be awake at this time, does not erase the fact that script writers chose to have this young actor take our Lord’s name in vain. The name we Christians love and adore. Or, that producers, executives, and yes parents, ok’ed this child to be sacrilegious. A word no doubt this impressionable young actor does not know the definition or consequences of.

I choose not to watch this show. The decision was made easily after viewing its very short commercials. Commercials which viewers have no control over when they will pop up on tv-screens. Here is another comment from TV Land webpage:

  • “Your ads for the show are tasteless. You have a kid responding to the teacher using the words “J**** C*****” very sacrilegious and offensive and not a good thing for kids to learn. Change the verbiage. Personally this show is off color and I won’t watch it. The kids are disrespectful and it shows teachers in a bad light. Poor taste and I am only talking about the advertising for it at this point.”

These comments were submitted to the webpage before the show even aired. They are all the result of TV Land’s vomited commercials. There are many shows I really enjoy watching on TV Land: Andy Griffith Show, Everybody Loves Raymond, Family Feud, Reba, just to name a few. All entertaining and funny shows. Has society changed that much through the years, that we no longer accept clean, family farce as humorous and engrossing? The answer to that question has to be No, otherwise those shows I listed, plus many more, would not still be in syndication.

I know not everyone is attracted to the same type of humor, but doesn’t TV Land apply any quality standards to their new programing? The viewers who wrote these comments on the TV Land webpage must believe as I do: TV Land drastically lowered the value bar when selecting new programing for their viewing audience.

  • “This show needs to be cancelled…what a slap in the face to real teachers..also is there a need for a little boy to take the name of my LORD IN VAIN…PLEASE TAKE THIS SHOW DOWN..NO”
  • “I am so offended at the script for this new “sit-com”… This has,bullying, hate, disagreements among children, and is completely offensive to Christianity with the language used by a CHILD saying with total disrespect, “J**** C*****”…This whole program and trailers is child abuse, using them in these kinds of situations…As a Christian, I expect to be treated with respect. It is offensive!!!!!”
  • “Profanity, Christ’s name in vain, out of a kid’s mouth..”
  • “Just from the previews I can see this show is disgusting. It’s an insult to teachers everywhere, and to have a child use Jesus’ name as a curse word is beyond offensive. I will be contacting the sponsors of this show and urging all my friends to do the same.”

This show centers its jabs, like many before it, on an entire profession. I am not in the selected profession, however I did read many comments on the TV Land website from folks who are. And some of them praised the show. Although I am pointing out I feel the stories in this program are insulting to teachers, I will leave it up to the profession to voice opinions on that matter. This post is written specifically to proclaim the misuse of our Savior’s name.

Jesus Christ - Love.

Jesus was born to die. He was without sin, yet gave His life for our sins. The sacrificial lamb [Jesus—God in the flesh] had to be pure to take on the sins of humanity at the Cross. And because humans all sin, God’s only choice was God Himself to be the sacrifice. Otherwise, mankind would suffer eternal separation from God, because breaking The Law requires punishment. God sent Jesus to carry ALL our sins to the Cross, thus saving us from eternal separation from God. We have salvation from damnation by faith and belief in the name of Jesus Christ.

Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.  Acts 4:12

This show titled TEACHERS, can be found at:

If you viewed the television ads for this show and heard  J**** C*****, our Savior’s name who suffered as He died while being crucified on The Cross for all the world’s sin, used as comedic blasphemy and you are heartbroken and offended by this exclamation, please visit TV Land’s website . Write a comment on their site as to why you were offended and leave them a short message about theTruth of our Lord’s name.

If not you then who? Who will stand up for our Christian values and create the change towards keeping His name holy? This is an easy task, and I thank you for lifting Him up!

True Love Comes From Jesus Christ. Please Share This Post With Others.

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