I Nominate Daniel! Courage Against Foreigners Award

Courage Against Foreigners Award

The Bible offers us many courageous and faithful men and women, with stories of their dedication and love for God. With respect to all the worldly awards going on around us today, I would like those who read this blog to consider awards for people of the Bible. Here are my nominations in the following seven categories from the Old Testament: Continue reading

Jesus’ Name was Prophesied – Let Us Lift Him Up

Jesus' Name was Prophesied

Through The Word, God reveals Himself and communicates to humanity.

The Bible consists of sixty-six individual books. Thirty-nine books in the Old Testament, originally written mostly in Hebrew and some parts in Aramaic. The New Testament contains twenty-seven books and was first written in Greek. Continue reading


God's Absolute Plan

Job was a wealthy man of God. He was upright and blameless, often offering to the LORD, sacrifices for his children just in case they “cursed God in their hearts.” The Bible then tells us one day, as satan roamed back and forth on earth, the LORD mentioned to satan that Job “fears God and shuns evil.” Continue reading


God Forgives

Ask and it will be given.

When Moses lead the Israelites at the foot of Mount Sinai, they witnessed daily the sacrifices given to God (Exodus 29:38-46) at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting. An Israelite brought an animal to be sacrificed, placed his hand on the animal’s head to symbolically transfer his sins to the animal for atonement, then watched as the Levite priest slaughtered the animal. Continue reading