ABRAHAM – Faith To Follow God No Matter…


One year ago on August 4, I created my first blog post. That post introduced the theme for this blog – desiring to lift up God’s name. The Bible describes many men and women with interesting accounts much more courageous and God centered than any posts I have written. Their stories recount God’s chosen; those who desired to lift up His holy name. They were men and women displaying unending confidence and trust in all God asked them to do. And one of those faithful men is Abraham. Continue reading

I Nominate Daniel! Courage Against Foreigners Award

Courage Against Foreigners Award

The Bible offers us many courageous and faithful men and women, with stories of their dedication and love for God. With respect to all the worldly awards going on around us today, I would like those who read this blog to consider awards for people of the Bible. Here are my nominations in the following seven categories from the Old Testament: Continue reading

Abraham Loved the Eternal God

Abraham Loved the Eternal God

Abraham planted a tamarisk tree in Beersheba, and there he called on the name of the LORD, the Eternal God. Genesis 21:33

This single sentence in Genesis, offers much for a Christian to delve into. It includes:

  • Faithful Abraham, God’s chosen father of the Jewish nation.
  • An action of thankfulness.
  • Acknowledges God’s sovereignty.
  • Offers a description of God.

In this verse, Abraham, while his son Isaac was little, made a treaty and swore and oath Continue reading