Lift Him Up

Lift Him Up

Today is my first blog post. It happens to be posted on God’s day – Sunday. Today involved: attending my home church with my husband and college age daughter, enjoying lunch while visiting my brother-in-law, and spending bonding time with my daughter as we baked zucchini bread. Now it is 5:00 PM. The day is more than half over and I’m thinking – did I Lift Him Up today?  Was I a reflection of Christ’s love to those who saw me? Let’s take a quick recount of my three experiences.

1. Attended Church

We left the house in a bit of a rush – as usual. I do not like to be late, but getting out the door exactly at a quarter past the hour is a bit of a challenge. This used to make me quite upset and I would arrive at church in an anxious state. But recently, I learned it is false worship to lip sync praise songs while mentally reenacting the morning’s undesirable events. I use His name in vain, when I offer no true glory to God in my heart during worship. So now, I make an effort not to enter His sanctuary in an annoyed state of mind. This decision to keep love in my heart will Lift Him Up.


2. Lunch With Family

Any meal spent with extended family is special to me because, my immediate family is so small. Since my brother-in-law does not live in our town and does not like driving far, I try to initiate  family visits, especially when our daughter is home from college. My husband, daughter and I are each growing closer to God in varying degrees of faith and knowledge. But we can always do a better job of sharing the gospel, offering assistance, or just lending an ear to extended family members. Each time we actually live The Word to another, we Lift Him Up in glory.


3. Bonding With My Daughter

I have one child. God had me wait seven years before sending me this precious gift. She is miles ahead of me in her joyful journey to Christ, and I love hearing every detail of her awesome pilgrimage. But, being a popular twenty-one year old university girl who heads many activities and also loves to blog (, means time with her is limited. So any idea she has that includes me, count me in! Lovingly spending time with our children sows seeds for future generations. It teaches them how to be good parents to their future children, and the process continues. Like the song says, “Jesus loves the little of the world.”  We Lift Him Up, when we do the same.

Now think back on your day. Maybe you did not set out to Lift Him Up this morning. But when you keep Christ’s love in your heart, your actions will speak for themselves.

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