Break The Chain

Lift Him Up has praised, revered, glorified and lifted up our Creator’s title name – God, since August of 2014. To do any less in our everyday-God-given-lives, is blaspheme. I invite you now to “Break The Chain” of misusing His name! 

“Break The Chain” is a format where you post your personal commitment to refrain from the misuse of OMG! and Oh My G**! Here is the place you can talk about any misuse of God’s name you have seen or heard, and how you feel about it. 

Perhaps you can share how you or someone you know broke free of this habit. 

Break The Chain

We need to stand up for God’s name!

If not you then who? Who will stand up for God’s commands? Who will stand up for God to preserve the holiness of His name and break the chain of passing on OMGs to BFFs as they LOL? Simply clicking the delete button on specific texts will shine light on your soul.

Be an example to others. Here’s how:

  • Commit – Stopping all usage of OMG! and Oh My G**! shows respect for who God is. This action can lead others to follow your example. 
  • Change – Converting your irreverent communication skills to words offering exact description shows you care how others perceive you. No one likes a disrespectful approach.
  • Surrender – Turning over any past sinful misuse of God’s name to Him who gave us voice in the first place, demonstrates believing in Him for salvation.

Leave your comment in the space below. Perhaps you want to share a misuse you heard, witnessed, or read. There are a lot of crazy examples out there. I saw tees advertising a city using OMG! as a line. I bought a purse with OMG stitched on the outside, to show as an example when I speak. There was a food store that dangled large signs from the ceiling professing OMG what great deals they have.

Let’s honor God properly, not with inappropriate slang that society deems acceptable.

Demonstrating the actions of Commit, Change and Surrender, encourages us to remember where we stand on truth – God’s name must be kept holy.  Persistently embracing these actions helps us continue the good habit of respecting His title name G-O-D.

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13 thoughts on “Break The Chain

  1. I’m going to start off this page with a personal story. – Where are the irreverent offenses of speaking God’s name in vain taking place? Everywhere people talk. My husband and I visited a different church this morning. As we walked to the front door of church, there was a family following behind us. Their first words, which I couldn’t help but over hear were “Oh My G**! blah blah blah…” The need is now, for us to remember who He is. Please join the movement.

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    • When I was young, one of the nuns at my school said, “Oh, Sarah, I wish you wouldn’t refer to God like that! If you must say it, turn it into a prayer – you were obviously in some stress or you wouldn’t use it. Make it into a prayer!” It worked wonders! Try it and see!

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  2. Hi Debra. You may know this, but if not I thought it would interest you. Back when Crocodile Hunter was popular, so was the term he often used, “Crikey.” It caught on with me too – until I discovered for an Aussie its an expression derived from “Christ.” That put an end to it immediately for me.

    Also the Brit term “bloody” appears to have its roots in the blood of Christ on the Cross, so its another that is no better. There seems to be a lack of clarity on this one, but it seems questionable enough that people of faith should avoid it.

    It helps to know the derivations of the words we use before we use them, and I am making an effort to be more careful about the words I use now.

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    • Scott, I did enjoy the Crocodile Hunter movies, but did not know that about the “Crikey” word. I never hear “Crikey” or “bloody” used in my area so I have not given it thought. But I do thank you for sharing. History is so very important to help us better understand the third commandment.

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  3. Thank you for this article! I have difficulty getting Christians to understand that they are misusing God’s name when it is used for any and every expression (fear, happy, they like something, excited about something, anger, and every other expression and as part of every sentence and conversation – even toddlers repeat it). I have heard many pastors’ sermons (well-known, internationally known, and local – radio/TV/local church) and their conversations using God’s name in unglorified ways – during their expressions – not during glory to God or honoring God by representing Him appropriately. How can we explain to the non-Christian world that it is dishonoring God when pastors and Christians use His name in the same way that they, the non-Christians use His name? The worldly entities’ names/titles aren’t used in ‘unglorified’ ways! I must admit that I sometimes do not remain quiet and tell the offender that they just cursed God when they should say thank you for the gift they just received or for the other “happy” occasions that they curse God by using His name as an inappropriate expression.


    • Thank you for your comment, Ann. Yes, the name title “God” not only tells us He is the supreme being, it represents all that He is. His loving character, His awesome power, His gifts of mercy and grace to us. To use God in an unholy manner, no matter our intent is mad or glad, is to misrepresent and blasphemy Him.

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  4. Thank you, Debra. It’s about time that someone stood up and spoke the truth on the very important issue of holding God’s name in reverence. Although I do not remember ever speaking these words, I often find myself wounded as I hear them from the mouths of some of those closest to me. Some of these claim to walk close to Jesus, but at times I have to wonder. Not that we don’t all have our faults. But this one is such an easy one for thinking people to notice and correct. I think that the use of this sorry phrase and its abbreviated format show intellectual laziness and a grave lack of both reverence and creativity in personal communication. My desire to avoid this even prompts me to delete any email that comes to my inbox when the ugly abbreviation shows up in the subject box. I figure that if that’s the way these merchants and others are going to begin their communications, they already have nothing worth saying. Truly we can do better, and I sure would like to see more of us doing just that.

    May God bless you for this timely post.

    P.S. Isn’t there a Bible verse somewhere that says that God will not hold them guiltless who use His name carelessly?


    • Thank you for your comments. Yes, it does show lack of reverence. Sad when I hear children say it because it’s such a bad habit to start. The Bible verse you refer to is the third commandment, Exodus 20:7“You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name. – Blessings!

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  5. Yes! Yes! Yes! For years I have cringed at the misuse of God’s wonderful and powerful Name, the Name He gave us to not only honor Him, but to use I usually pray for the people who use it wrongly, asking God to forgive them for they know not what they do.” I know this is long but it is something I wrote long ago concerning WHY I want my grandkids (21 of them) to know and honor in all respect God’s powerful and mighty Name He gave us.
    10. Teaching ULTIMATE RESPECT
    and HONOR Through Honoring God’s Holy Name and Not Succumbing to the Use of Slang
    (SLANG -A stepping stone toward misuse of God’s Name).

    Much is said in Christian groups about honoring and respecting parents, teachers, the law, etc. This is good, right, and a must. However, an even more important area of respect is deteriorating at a horrendous pace until this worldly action has almost completely infiltrated every Christian arena.

    Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord thy God will not hold him guiltless that takes His Name in vain. Deut. 20:7

    But shun profane and vain babbling: for they will increase unto more ungodliness. II Tim. 2:16

    We are speaking of the area of HONORING GOD’S MOST WONDERFUL AND AWESOME NAME. Because God’s name is so powerful, so awesome, demanding the attention of every angel, satan is SET ON DESTROYING God’s Holy Names, thus lessening the power in those Names. Have you ever heard it said, “There is power in the Name of Jesus?

    That is why satan is talking Christians into diminishing, demeaning, degrading, shaming, belittling, defrauding, and yes, even condemning the powerful Names of our God-Head. Stop and think! No other god is used in derogatory talking, used in anger, changed slightly, and used in everyday slang talking. Do we hear people say “Blank, blank, Buddha!” when they hit their hand with a hammer. No! That is because Satan doesn’t care about those names as they have no power. Yet we hear every one of the Godhead names used in profanity and derivatives of everyone of them used by the majority of Christians. Sadly, even other countries use the God-Head names in profanity…in their language! Does that not strike you as quite odd!

    The scriptures tell us that the NAME OF GOD IS ABOVE ALL NAMES. (Philippians 2:9-10, Hebrew 1:4). It is powerful! We, as Christians, are to call on that Name in times of trouble. He has set His angel in charge over us and all we have to do is call on His Name (Joel 2:32).
    Here is a story that illustrates what is happening which I believe was God-inspired to illustrate something very important:

    There once was a little shepherd boy who was told that whenever he saw a wolf and needed help should shout, “Wolf, wolf!” and there would be help. The boy began to play with the name and jokingly and un-respectfully began to shout, “Wolf, wolf!” when there was no need to call upon help. Many times help arrived immediately but then they began to know that the boy used those powerful words jokingly and with disrespect. The support for help began not paying much attention to the boy. Then came the day when the boy really needed the help, he yelled, “Wolf, wolf!” but sadly, no help came.

    Christians are doing the same with God’s powerful and wonderful Name. Of course, satan knew that Christians would not fall for it at first so began to change the words slightly. The trap was set and Christians fell for it beginning by using the slightly changed words. Today, it is very common to hear Christians being no different than the world in desecrating the Name of Our Heavenly Father. (I Thess. 5:20)

    Could this be one of the reasons that we are not seeing the power of God move today as we should?

    II Timothy 2:16 But shun profane and idle babbling, for they will increase to more ungodliness.
    Below is just a few words satan slightly changes to trick Christians into stepping toward usage of God’s Name as slang and swearing:
    Scripturally, we are commanded to “Abstain from ALL appearances of evil”. I Thess. 5:20:
    Christians should note that the entire God-Head is being defiled.
    God ………….Gosh, Gad, Golly
    Jesus………….Jeez, Jee whiz,
    Jesus Christ…..Jiminy Cricket
    Holy Spirit……Holy Smoke, or other “Holy…” Please, stop and think! Why was “Holy” ever put in as a slang word???

    Grace (God’s most wonderful gift to us)……..derivative is Gracious
    Goodness (Only God is good) Why have we used “Good” in our expressions. Even just recently, the phrase, “I’m good.” Is used to replace “No, thank you!”

    And the list goes on!

    Derivatives, Derogatory & Vulgar Words Commonly Used by Christians
    We truly believe that these derivatives are dangerous to use in Christian’s vocabulary. From derivatives, it is an easy step into using God’s name.
    Darn, ……………………….………Damn
    Dang it………………………………..Damn it
    Dog gone it (Where did this come from?)

    As Christians we must let our “nay be nay” and our “yay be yay”. We do not need fill words or slang in our language especially when they are derivatives of “God” words.

    Why is this important?

    TESTIMONY – I was driving along our cities bypass and didn’t see the huge big signs that warned me that they had installed new stoplights. Entering the intersection, I realized that I’d run a red light and looked up to my right to see the car heading rapidly toward my front right side of my car. I could even see the eyes of terror of the driver! I shouted “JESUS!” as there was nothing I could do at that moment. I do not know how I got on the other side of the intersection without hearing the crunch of metal as the other car should have crashed into my side certain to hit me broadside. I have often wished for one of those video cameras they have at intersections to replay but they didn’t have it up yet. There was no way a crash could have been prevented in that situation. Yet, I made it through and so did the other driver. I believe it was the powerful name of JESUS.

    This testimony is only a part of many times the name of Jesus has sent the angels coming to my rescue! Another time was with a carload of college students with the college’s van. The times are numerous.

    Let us honor God and His Trinity and let our words be free from Satan’s tactics to dishonor His POWERFUL NAME given to us for authority over evil!

    Capitalize every time any name, pronoun, or reference is given to any of the Godhead. This is still allowable in English grammar and is noted as a sign of who God really is, setting Him apart from all other religions.

    • ALWAYS capitalize the name of God,
    • When writing “Bible”, capitalize it! I cannot tell you how many times I see people
    not capitalize it! Why? We capitalize the names of other books.
    • Capitalize any “Godhead pronouns” that has to do with the Godhead (i.e. My God is my source. It is He who is the comforter. When He comforted me, I was OK.). That is our privilege and right grammatically. If we don’t use it, we will loose that!

    • Join the movement to remove slang.

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    • Vickie, WoW, what a powerful post you shared with me. Thank you so very much for your insight on this topic. I agree with every word. God’s names claim power! To use them fraudulently diminishes that power because misuse offers no praise or glory to Him who created us. Thank you, again, for you thoughts, and have a blessed day.


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