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The purpose and planning, the process and pages – all created through and for, praising His presence.


Here I am with my husband, John, of thirty-three years on the right. That’s Jayar from Joy FM in the center.

Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Debra, and I write to acknowledge the name of our merciful and glorious God!

In 1997 I heard a sermon preached about God’s gifts to each us. The message, presented by Rev. Mark Arnott, made clear point:

We all have gifts to share in God’s kingdom.

And when we share these gifts, they help to make a difference in other people’s lives. So on that day when I heard His message, I decided to hone in on discovering and sharing God’s gifts to me.

  • I started making and selling crafts.
  • I wrote articles on how to make crafts.


  • I submitted art projects in Christian Art Shows.

The Shoe Tree  – The question I proposed was: Would you humble yourself to wash the feet of another? Jesus did!  It won BEST OF SHOW.IMG_3616

Sign For Jesus – This was an interactive art piece. Over a period of one year I visited seventeen churches. Congregants simply signed their name on the canvas with a colorful marker, then within the next twenty-four hours they were requested to say the name Jesus to someone who may not know Him.

2521 signatures created this art piece. It won JUDGES AWARD.


  • Emme’s Birthday Party is a family play I wrote. It was produced at a local theater.


  • As founder and single member of Tee Time for Troops, I mailed 60,000 golf balls, donated from Mccain Golf Center, to Iraq.

Blog Golf Balls

But I was not convinced that any of these gifts truly brought glory to God.

Then three years ago while still praying over that sermon from 1997 about finding our gifts,  God placed upon my heart the desire to write a book about His 3rd commandment explaining why we should not take His name in vain.

 Lift Him Up don’t Pull Him Down

The eternal importance of never momentarily taking our Lord’s name in vain.  

Lift Him Up Bible Study

Specific focus is placed on the misuse of 

OMG and Oh My G**!

Here is a excerpt from the book, describing the attitude God desires from us each time we speak His name:

If you feel uncomfortable standing up for this truth [not taking the Lord’s name in vain], then try getting down on your knees instead. Have you ever gotten down on your knees in the middle of a room, and prayed to God? It’s a different feeling praying on your knees, than it is laying comfortably snuggled in bed. On your knees in the middle of a room with nothing but God to lean into. Head bowed down, arms at your side, you are  humbling yourself. You are admitting you are lower than God. You are acting subservient; ready to obey a higher power. And you are also displaying reverence; deep respect and honor for One with authority.

When you are in this position, praying your heart out to God, you realize how this is the attitude God always wants us to have, each time we speak His name. This action of our kneeling, lifts Him up. So as we walk throughout our day, relating and talking to others, remember God desires us to continually acknowledge the sovereignty of His name, as if we were still down on our knees. 

Society constantly tries to pull our Lord’s name down to our human level, by disregarding His will and positioning ourselves above our Creator. Christians know, however, that God is above all. So try as anyone might, our selfish habit of daily spewing His name disrespectfully will never raise us above Him.

Through my blog and my book, I share the importance to Lift Him Up, giving the great I Am the respect and glory He alone deserves.




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