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15 thoughts on “Contact

    • Hello Debra!
      Love your name, ooxxx.
      Thank you for nominating me for this award.
      I am touched.
      I know nothing about the award, and when I clicked your links, or tried typing it in, nothing came up. Everything froze.
      I would love to read more about it, if possible.
      I will try the link again through the day.


  1. Debra, how are you doing? Pray all is well.Hows the family? Thanks for the like on my last post and for the many other likes you have given me. I love your article about the blood.Thats one of my favorite subjects.We are at the Hospital with baby # 8 on the way. Say a prayer for us and God bless. Oh any every once in a while if you could leave a comment that would be great!!!

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    • Ricardo, congratulations! And yes, thank you for the reminder to comment. We bloggers need to support each other. It’s good to know someone is actually reading the posts. Blessings!


      • Hey Debra, sorry for not getting back sooner. I was with my wife as we birth our 8th child. Its a girl! That makes 5 boys and 3 girls wow!
        Hey i wanted to make a point to you about the blood of Jesus which you might already know. I spoke on this a while ago. In Hebrews 9:12 it states that Jesus entered in WITH HIS OWN BLOOD into the Holies of Holies! That means the blood He shed was some way gathered and he took it personally into the Holies of Holies in heaven to offer for our sins! He copied what the priest did on earth with the blood of goats and bulls for sin, but he did it in heaven with his own blood! Some theologians dont believe that but it biblicaly make complete sense!

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  2. Please pray for me that I will stop using the name of God in vain. I won’t go into detail but it distresses me so much that there are times when I use my Lord and Saviors name improperly. I’ve looked and looked for a book on how to overcome this besetting sin. I don’t think that we should assume that just because a person is a Christian they do not sin in this area. Who can you talk to about something like this? Who can understand. Your book is the first thing I have been able to find on the subject. Thank you for the book. I will be purchasing it. I really liked your article on “6 ways to stop taking God’s name in vain and I just put it in my Kindle. I will be following your suggestions. Thank you so very much

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    • Nancy, Thank you for visiting my blog and reading this post. I pray the post and book will offer to you the insight that you need to help you refrain from taking God’s name in vain. it’s a habit that can definitely be broken. I will definitely be praying for your self-control to over this habit. Blessing to you for taking the steps to stop it and bring glory to God.


  3. Ever have one of those moments when you notice something but you hesitate to embarrass the person by mentioning it. You know, they’re walking around with toilet paper on their shoe or there’s something stuck in their front teeth. Well that’s my dilemma. Oh well, If I made a typing error on a web page that others will see, I’d want someone to point it out to me so I could fix it. So here goes: I just wanted to let you know that there is an error on your header on your web pages. You quote the verse:
    It is written: “‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.’”
    You identify that verse as Romans 11:14 but it is actually Romans 14:11. Just thought you might want to correct your header on your website. Sorry! I’m just good at proof reading. We all make mistakes. I hope mine wasn’t pointing out the typo.

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