6 Hate Seeds Christians Need To Avoid?

6 hate seeds Christians need to avoid

If you are a Christian you need to nip these hate seeds in the bud. 


hate – noun intense or passionate dislike

True hate is a dark emotion. To hate is to abhor, detest or loath. The heart of a hate filled person has usually been cultivated by some form of hate to themselves, which is what enriches the hate seed to grow. Students can learn to hate school at an early age because their elementary teachers are condescending instead of encouraging towards their work.

Families learn to hate others who look different, because elder members display contempt and distain for “those people.” Religious members may feel threatened, thus propagate hate, when they do not understand another’s beliefs. The word hate is increasingly scattered, fertilized, and grows uncontrolled in our day-to-day communication expressions.  Continue reading

Christians Need To Vote

Christians need to vote.

Our November election finish line is fast approaching. The 2015-2016 primaries remain far behind. The GOP Convention currently finishes this evening in Cleveland with Donald J. Trump being nominated as the Republican candidate.

And the Democratic Convention quickly follows  in Philadelphia from July 25-28, where Hillary Clinton will accept their nomination.

There are those that believe Church and State should be kept far apart. I believe God gave us governing authorities for many reasons, though we are to always remember and acknowledge who reigns supreme. (And isn’t it a blessing in America we get to vote in our leaders?) Continue reading

Why Do “Good Works”?

Why do good works?

Spending eternity in heaven (versus hell) is the goal all Christians aspire to. I certainly don’t want my eternal home to be a place of turmoil. Matthew 25:46 “Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.”

I definitely desire eternal life over eternal punishment, don’t you? Continue reading

Big God versus little gods

BIG God vs little gods

Be thankful to be known and loved by our BIG God.

It helps to understand the necessity for thankfulness to our BIG God, by acknowledging the differences between Him and our little gods.

Our BIG God sent His Son to offer us salvation from sin. We are not saved from sin by living a “good life.” No, we are saved only through faith in Jesus Christ and the blood that He shed for us on The Cross. This is a truth that creates our BIG God. Continue reading