Finding The Right Bible Study

Bible Study Group

Two years ago, I was drawn to Bible study. As a child, my mom took me, my sister and my brother to Sunday School and church each week. Through years past I attended many adult Christian Education classes at church, but all on Sunday mornings. It wasn’t until two years ago that I decided to relinquish some of my personal during-the-week time, to learn God’s Word. Oh, how selfish I was to hold back all those years!

Finding the right fit may not happen right away. My first Bible study was with a large group of women watching a Beth Moore video Bible series. We met Wednesday nights at a church for an hour and a half. First we watched Beth’s video, then broke into small groups for discussion. I liked and learned a lot from watching the video, but this was not my home church and I felt uncomfortable sharing anything personal with women I did not know.

The second Bible study was organized by a mega church my husband and I sometimes attend. It was held in a couple’s home.  We did not previously know anyone in attendance, but the lead couple was very inviting and creative. Each Monday night they conducted the study in a slightly different way. My husband and I both enjoyed the sessions, usually rehashing what we learned on the drive home.

But I still wanted something more. So I found another women’s Bible study which met on Monday mornings. This group also featured a Beth Moore video series, but they included answering questions in a corresponding workbook. I found I loved the daily workbook questions, because this prompted me to start reading God’s Word daily.

Soon after, my husband and I were invited to attend another couples Bible study at a church different from the first couples study. This one was very relaxed – a Rob Bell video series. Only four couples attended this group, and the chemistry was great. We each seemed comfortable sharing personal thoughts about the evening’s topic, even though all our backgrounds are quite different.

Currently, I attend a Genesis to Revelation Bible study at my home church. This group has met non-stop every Thursday night for approximately six years. How did I miss this information in the church bulletin? They are studying each book of the Bible, with a booklet of weekly questions to answer for each study. We read, we share, we encourage, we discuss. But most importantly, I feel we as a group Lift Him Up each week as we learn more about His glorious name.

I encourage you to get active in some type of Bible study. Discussion gives insight to God’s Words. Check your home church or look around your community for group studies. You will find many churches with many different types of study, one sure to accommodate your schedule. The sooner you find one that fits your learning pattern, the sooner you will grow in the presence of God.

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