3 Worldly Reasons God Proclaimed Israel His Nation

3 worldly means God proclaimed Israel His nation

The Bible is unwavering in explaining to us:

  • Who our powerful God is.
  • His steadfast promises.
  • His history of love, provision, mercy, calling, forgiveness, and much much more.
  • Insight to our future.
  • And also reveals to us God’s favored from the beginning – His chosen people.

The Bible tells us in Deuteronomy 14:2  Israel was selected as the nation of God: to deliver the message of salvation to all the peoples.   Continue reading

7 Doubters In The Bible

7 Doubters in the Bible

The Right People For The Job.

God chose many people that were not always enthusiastic to carry out His plans. Often these doubters failed to see His design for them because they believed more in their own shortcomings or decisions than in His great power. But God, in His time, showed all of them His way. That lead to their eventual willingness to place all trust in God, birthing their significant roles in the history of Christ. Continue reading

Learn 5 Biblical Truths Of God

Learn 5 Biblical Truths Of God

God Exists Above All Else.

There is no one else we can always count on. God is consistently with us. God knows our thoughts, words and deeds. He gives us knowledge to choose right, yet – God is the One who knows the future wrongness of our choices. Through all of this… He still loves us.

“How much does He love me?” you may ask yourself. Continue reading

We Should Reflect God’s Word

We should reflect God's Word

Israel’s prophets said and did what God told them to do.

LORD, my strength and my fortress, my refuge in time of distress, to you the nations will come from the ends of the earth and say, “Our ancestors possessed nothing but false gods, worthless idols that did them no good. Do people make their own gods? Yes, but they are not gods!” 

“Therefore I will teach them— this time I will teach them my power and might. Then they will know that my name is the LORD. Jeremiah 16:19-21 Continue reading

I Nominate Daniel! Courage Against Foreigners Award

Courage Against Foreigners Award

The Bible offers us many courageous and faithful men and women, with stories of their dedication and love for God. With respect to all the worldly awards going on around us today, I would like those who read this blog to consider awards for people of the Bible. Here are my nominations in the following seven categories from the Old Testament: Continue reading


God's Absolute Plan

Job was a wealthy man of God. He was upright and blameless, often offering to the LORD, sacrifices for his children just in case they “cursed God in their hearts.” The Bible then tells us one day, as satan roamed back and forth on earth, the LORD mentioned to satan that Job “fears God and shuns evil.” Continue reading

Salvation In The Name Of Jesus

SALVATION in the name Jesus

Using the name Jesus, to express contempt, ill feelings or false glory, is immoral and God said no one will go unpunished.  But the Good News is, because we believe in the meaning of the name Jesus, we can ask God for forgiveness. The name Jesus comes from Greek for Joshua, which means God is salvation.

salvation – noun : deliverance from the power and effects of sin  Continue reading