I Need Thee Every Hour

I need Thee every hour.

Before you make any decision, are you one of those people that need a “sign” from God? Perhaps you are offered a new job, or you are looking to buy a house,  do you feel the need for a “sign” that it’s the decision God wants you to make?

Certain signs in life are necessary. Since I am directionally challenged, I need turnpike exit signs to tell me which road travels north verses south. And signs for food and gas are also very helpful while we travel. We are trained to expect to see these signs, and we may get annoyed when they can not be found.

Social living has brought us to expect certain signs, so that we can make orderly decisions quickly and easily. This might be why we look for signs from God when we are faced with a difficult decision. We need something, or Someone, to tell us which way to go because we just can not do it on our own.

God wants us to come to Him for all our decision making.  He created the specks of sand and He created the rising sun. No matter is to small or too large for Him. To maintain a constant closeness with God, wake each morning and ask the Lord for his presence in your day. This act of dependency on Him helps us grow in our closeness to Him.

Closeness with God helps when we have decisions to make. A relationship with God gives us a better understanding of peace with our decisions. Here are three important Godly things to remember when making decisions.

  • Always Pray – the more we pray about everything, the easier it will be to feel the Holy Spirit’s guiding hand.
  • Accept God’s Word – some commands are simple to understand in the decision process. Others may take more prayer and understanding. Once you truly feel your decision is right, accept it.
  • Find Godly Counsel – if you are still unsure after much prayer and study, speak with a Godly Counsel. This could be a Christian friend or a Christian with a specific educational background.  Sometimes verbal guidance is all we are looking for.

“Signs” from God come everyday to us, if we are filled with the Holy Spirit. And we Lift Him Up each time we remember to start the day in prayer, growing closer to God by giving Him authority over our every hour.

Like the song says, “I need Thee, oh, I need Thee, every hour I need Thee.”

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