Categories Of Christians

Genesis to Revelation  by Robert E. Luccock

Genesis to Revelation
by Robert E. Luccock

My Christian study group is currently studying the Bible’s book of Matthew. Matthew’s gospel includes many quotes from the Bible’s Old Testament, along with an abundant amount of references to the Messiah. Matthew’s writing purpose was to clearly state that Jesus is the Savior of the world.

My question to you is, “Is Jesus your Savior?”

Christianity Today, states 75% of Americans call themselves Christian.

They divide that 75% into three categories.

  1. Cultural Christians–people who believe themselves to be Christians because of their family heritage. The parents were a certain denomination, so the children make claim to that same denomination.
  2. Congregational Christians– people with some connection to congregational life. They may attend Sunday service, were married in the church, or show up on Christian holidays.
  3. Convictional Christians–people actually living according to the faith.

If you call yourself a Christian, it should be easy for you to self diagnose which of the three categories you fall into, by dissecting the opening introductory paragraph.

  1. Cultural Christians – should at least agree there is a Bible.
  2. Congregational Christians – will agree there is a Bible and, should confirm there is an Old Testament, and have understanding of the word –   Messiah .
  3. Convictional Christians – not only agree there is a Bible, confirm there is an Old Testament, and understand the word Messiah, they clearly and whole heartedly demonstrate through their actions, and proclaim with their mouths they agree in the accounts of Matthew – Jesus is the Savior of the world.

Let us all work towards the goal of Christian Category #3.

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