Trust In the Word Not The World

Trust in The Word not the world

Was there ever a time you expressed personal views and it was quite obvious you were swimming upstream? You shared a belief that did not flow with the belief of the person you were talking to? I understand the feeling; like I’m drowning all alone. But the Bible tells us many times we need to remain strong and do everything in love – 1 Corinthians 16:13-14, Ephesians 6:10-17. And not to conform to the world – Romans 12:2.

Trouble is so many choose to interpret any standing up for biblical beliefs to be wrong. My beliefs verses what a nonbeliever speaks are just different. I have no dislike or hate for any specific person. Jesus came to show God’s love for us all. No one else that I know of, actually gave up their life for mine. Jesus is the only one who did that for me and for you and for all mankind. And before he offered His life for ours, He spent three years on earth instructing us to love. Jesus spoke love. Jesus demonstrated love. Jesus offered love. And we are called to do the same.

That means I should show my Christian love to everyone.  All different ethnicities,  all persons younger and older than I,  people from different political parties, all who are poorer than me and richer than me,  complete strangers and the loves of my life, gays and lesbians… and… the list goes on. Point is, it’s the person I am called love. And I love them because I, like everyone else, am sinful and flawed.

That said, because of my faith and trust in the Bible that God created us out of nothing – and we owe all to Him – I choose to put my eternity in His hands. Not in the hands of governmental laws, which were created by man and came after God chose to create man. One specific biblical truth I choose to follow is: marriage is a union between a man and a women, Genesis 2:18-25.

And union means consummate. And consummate means intercourse. And intercourse was designed by God, with the intent to reproduce. Reproduction is only achieved with a man and a women. Otherwise, we wipe out humanity. If God wanted humans to reproduce heterosexually and homosexually, He would have allowed reproduction through both sexes. Also, studies show gay anal intercourse comes with a higher risk of disease, CDC. Read Song Of Songs to understand a mature poetic description of God-designed-love between a husband and a wife.

Please know I do not come by my beliefs lightly, and also know I do not profess to be a biblical scholar. But my faith does stand firm in the Bible and when I need answers, I trust in The Word not the world.

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