God, I Believe!

God is happy to direct us to where He wants us to go.  Our job is to commune with Him to find out.

God is happy to direct us to where He wants us to go.  Our job is to commune with Him to understand the direction.

It’s so awesome how worship and prayer everyday helps one grow closer to God!  Knowing God makes it is easier to make Him known to others. 

Communing with God is intimate, it’s not simply begging for answers. Remember, there is a difference in begging and believing when we pray.  To beg does not assure a heart for God; one could just be grabbing at straws. To believe specifies we know who God is; God’s power and His love.

Today is the fifth week of a seven week series, designed to worship God for who He is, thanking Him for all He has done and will do.  We are praying to better understand the plan He prepared for each of us.

We are moving on to the first B in the C – P – P – B – B five truths of God series, Believe. We are called by God, and He created a plan for each of us. He made promises to us, and to believe affords blessings.

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1.By now you should have an idea of how to fulfill the plan God created for you. He gave us free will. We are not robots, pre-programed for life’s decisions. And we are not to sit idle. We are to pray in our decision process and hear with our hearts a response. When we pray everyday and believe in His goodness, prayer becomes a dialogue with a good friend. And good friends are always there to help.

Matthew 21:22 If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

2. In Mark 9:23, Jesus does not mean we magically get anything we pray about.  He was stating anything is possible through God because God can do all things. It is with faith we believe everything is possible! And to Him be the glory for the decision we make in accomplishing His plan.

Mark 9:23 “ ’If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”

3. Jesus lead by example.  In this verse Jesus brings a dead girl back to life.  Jesus was teaching  when we believe, things that seem impossible are definitely possible. Everything Jesus did was good. God wants us to believe in His goodness. Believe that whatever decision you make for your plan, your choice brings glory to God.

Luke 8:50 Hearing this, Jesus said to Jairus, “Don’t be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed.”

4. God wants to bless your decision. He loves blessing those who believe in Him. Even when things don’t go as we hope, when we believe in Jesus Christ there is a peace that occurs over all situations, good and bad. A peace that let’s us know God is in control and we are free to turn any anxiety over to Him. Peace is a blessing from believing.

John 11:27 “Yes, Lord,” she replied, “I believe that you are the Messiah, the Son of God, who is to come into the world.”

5. God has stated what will happen to unbelievers. Unbelievers will be thrown into a lake of fire. He does not change His mind. His plan for the world is unfolding as we speak  and it’s up to us to believe Him at His word and follow Him. As Biblical history reveals through Israel, God gives ample opportunity for unbelievers to change their minds and follow His perfect plan. Those who saw and believed in Jesus had the blessing of seeing God in the flesh at work.

John 12:44 Then Jesus cried out, “Whoever believes in me does not believe in me only, but in the one who sent me.

6. We can have confidence that God can align our decisions with His purpose, as long as we come before Him with a believing, selfless heart.  When we don’t believe in God’s power to answer prayer, or that He speaks to us or that He made a specific plan for each of us, our pray is not sincere. Doubts in His power means we don’t think God is capable of answering prayer.

James 1:6 But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.

7. Keep communing with God, thanking Him for the urge in your heart He placed there to bring glory to His name. His plan for you is to know Him, and to make Him known. Whatever you are trying to decide for yourself, does it make God known to others? You can actually do anything in your life and reflect God’s goodness through your actions. That is what you need to believe as you choose your direction.

But the most important thing to believe is Jesus Christ is the son of God. He descended to earth in human form to show us the love of God. Rejected by His people He was crucified, died and was buried, then rose on the Third Day in His full glory as savior of the world.

No matter how your personal plan turns out on earth, your heavenly plan is assured when you believe in the resurrected Christ.

1 John 5:5 Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.

I encourage you to read this post everyday until next week’s post. Each of these verses are short and easily memorizable.  Praise God for the plan He has for you as you work towards a specific goal or contemplate an important decision.

To Him be the glory as we walk on water to better understand His perfect plan.

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