Jesus’ Ministry Takes-Off!

Jesus' Ministry Takes-Off

Post #5 – As Reported From The Book Of Luke

BREAKING — Miracles and wondrous teaching abound as Jesus – the world’s Messiah, begins His own ministry blessing towns in Israel with God’s Word. Eyewitnesses have experienced the Son of God preaching at synagogues on the sabbath in Galilee and Capernaum. They were amazed at His teaching because His words had authority.

Jesus is approaching other towns because controversy erupted in His hometown of Nazareth when Jesus read the words of the prophet Isaiah 61:1-2 which were handed to Him. Locals were outraged when Jesus proclaimed He was The One to fulfill scripture and save Israel! Continue reading

Angel Solves Local Man’s Dilemma!

Angel solves local man's dilemma

BREAKING — It has been confirmed a local carpenter was visited by an angel last night. Holy documentation reveals Joseph descendent of David, was struggling with a unique problem at the time of his encounter. Through a personal dream this man from Nazareth understood and carried out a divine message that will forever change the world! Continue reading