AMERICA – Vote November 2, 2021

Remember, election day is Tuesday, November 2, 2021. Get out and vote!

This is an off-year election – meaning an election held when neither a presidential election nor a midterm election takes place. On the ballet for some, but not all states, are gubernatorial elections, state legislative elections,  mayoral races, and a variety of local elections, each election different state by state. 

It is important to study the candidates in your state and on your local level.

Christian values have always been import to our leaders in government.

God loves America and desires a personal relationship not only with its citizens but with our government as well. In order to achieve that relationship our nation must return to ideals our Founding Fathers ascribed to. It was on April 30, 1789 from the second floor balcony of Federal Hall in New York City, General George Washington gave his first inaugural address. In it he said this:

The propitious smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right, which heaven itself has ordained.


Of the 56 men who signed our founding document (The Declaration of Independence), nearly half (24) held seminary or Bible school degrees. Clearly their instilled Christian faith influenced our Founding Fathers as they referenced God in historical documents.

Judging by our early leader’s credentials we can see they trusted, believed, and placed their faith in the living God. But sadly, as history has progressed, we see immoral change as we fall more and more away from our holy Creator. The change is happening within ourselves, our families, businesses, government, and even our churches.

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This election is our opportunity to return to God. It’s an opportunity to keep or to place candidates into office who reflect the ideals of those of our Founding Fathers. By voting conservatively, may America once again feel “the propitious smiles of heaven” shine upon us.

Pray Together For Our Nation At 9 PM EST Every Night


If you’re not certain you’ve ever invited Jesus into your heart, now is the perfect time. Pray this sinner’s prayer found at Through Jesus you will receive the hope that He alone offers. 

“God, I know that I am a sinner. I know that I deserve the consequences of my sin. However, I am trusting in Jesus Christ as my Savior. I believe that His death and resurrection provided for my forgiveness. I trust in Jesus and Jesus alone as my personal Lord and Savior. Thank you Lord, for saving me and forgiving me! Amen!”

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