God’s Name Is Perfect!

God's Name is Perfect

What a mighty God we have! I believe this with all my heart. Now, let’s see how the Merriam-Webster on-line dictionary defines God.

God – 

noun : the Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped as creator and ruler of the universe 

The Being perfect in power, wisdom and goodness. These words describe something humans will never amount to in our lifetime. We will never reach the perfectness of God. But instead of honoring His glorious name – which defines who He is and what He stands for, we too often use His name as exclamations in surprise or anger.

The Lord’s name is misused so often on television, it has desensitized us to the fact that it is breaking one of God’s Ten Commandments. When you hear something often enough, even if it is wrong, that something slithers into the norm. So when people repeat God’s name incorrectly in their personal conversations, this bad language doesn’t seem all that wrong because, they hear it over and over in daily entertainment.

Too many times through out our typical day, we hear His name misused. It seems to be the popular thing, to publicly proclaim the names Jesus and God, with no intention of lifting the names up. Quite the opposite, the intent is to use The Name foolishly to provoke human emotion. But God’s name reigns above human emotion, and will never allow it to be pulled down.

God’s name describes His being. God is the architect, author, and artist of the world. He reigns as biographer, biologist and bricklayer of mankind. We acknowledge Him as chemist, choreographer, and creator of life itself. All tasks capable by only One, whose resume has no beginning and no end.

The Bible tells us God’s name represents –

  • Glory
  • Magnificence
  • Honor 
  • Mercy

And in the name of Jesus, we are forgiven of our sins. Jesus is Salvation. In the name of Jesus we are baptized. This is eternal life. These are examples of love. In every commandment God gave us, His desire is that we learn these things about Him, that we willfully obey Him, and that we share His love with others.

When we need to convey our immediate emotions and circumstances, we must remember to choose our words wisely. Lift him up don’t pull him down.

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