Celebrate Like David


Historic Brush Creek Salem United Church of Christ recently observed their 250 year anniversary. On a beautiful Sunday with pews overflowing from generations of friends and congregants past and present, they celebrated. The event took place in the tradition of a wonderful community gathering, united together to commemorate something extra special.

The choir, organ and horn music expanded as it unrolled upward to the sanctuary ceiling, where it bounced off and returned back to the faithful’s eager ears. I closed my eyes as I listened to the first song, “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God,” so I could appreciate the uplifting sound and not be distracted by sunlight glistening on the golden alter Cross.

Honored guests in attendance wore clergy robes and colorful Christian stoles. It was a pleasure to have these invited pastors participate in the service, adding their personal touches to their given roles.

Prepared with love, food was in abundance at this special gathering. Guests were encouraged to go back for seconds, and take a plate home if you please.

All these details, each wonderful in their own way, were added simply to enhance the core point of why we were all here to celebrate in the first place; as explained to us by the church pastor, Reverend Diane Wiley.

The church anniversary committee decided in advance that this celebration would not be to honor the time tested historical building we were sitting in, or the dedicated pastors which came before Pastor Diane. The committee was indeed thankful for the countless families that entered the sanctuary to praise and worship here. But, these families were still not the reason for this event.

No, the committee decided to acknowledge only one thing for this celebration. To the glory of God, they wanted to celebrate His unending presence in this house for 250 years. Just as King David celebrated with all his might (2 Samuel 6:14-15), bringing the ark of the covenant – the presence of God,  back to Israel. Brush Creek Salem United Church of Christ celebrated with all their might, the presence of God in His house. Their action truly Lifts Him Up.

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