Jesus is knocking on Your door.

Last week, I used  Revelation 3:20 to explain that Jesus wants to know YOU:

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.

I also shared other Bible verses proclaiming Jesus is always here for us.  He offers love and comfort, and His message proclaims truth: If we believe and have faith, we are set free from our sins.

This week, I want to break down the meaning of each section in Revelation 3:20.

Over two thousand years ago, Jesus spoke those important words, informing His listeners that He is available and wants to be invited into their lives. Though two thousand years is a long time ago, His words, now perfectly quoted in the Bible, still ring true today.

They describe how Jesus desires us to let Him into our hearts. He is here, waiting, knocking and calling. We simply have to open the door and let Him in.

  • Here I am!

Jesus starts His informal address with a brief introduction: Here I am! He’s telling us – Hey, it’s Me, Jesus, and I’m not far away. I’m right here, wanting to be with you!  

  • I stand at the door and knock.

Jesus then lets us know: I’m not going anywhere. I will patiently wait. The problem is, right now, we are separated by a door, and I’m trying to get your attention so that you invite me in.

  • If anyone hears my voice and opens the door,

Jesus doesn’t leave us hanging, wondering what we should do. He explains by saying if, meaning, anyone who hears his voice calling out to them, can voluntarily let Jesus in. We are to understand He will not forcibly enter into our lives. The choice is ours.

  • I will come in and eat with that person,  

Jesus states something will happen if we invite Him. He will come in, and not just stand there. . .waiting. . .like He did on the other side of the door. Now, He will enjoy our company. He will be like a friend, celebrating personal situations with us, using the example of eating.

  • and they with me.

And the blessing here, is we will commune with Him, also. We can have a relationship, we will be connected. That also means we can depend on Him.  So we can confess to Jesus everything, and ask for anything. Jesus will be there for us, always.

This post is a great post for this month, since it’s almost Halloween.  The relevance here is there are lots of surprises as to what’s on the other side of a door, come October 31. A lighted door at Halloween invites eager trick-or-treaters to knock,  while hiding behind masks and costumes.

Unless there is a peep hole or we out right ask, we don’t know who is physically on the other side of a door, hiding behind a mask, until we open it. But with Jesus, He tells us right away that He is there!

When we open our doors, our hearts, to Jesus, His words assure us there will be no scary surprises. His desire is for us to come closer to Him, trust in Him, and have the eternal relationship with Him that He offers to everyone.

Have you heard Jesus knocking on your door lately? I know He’s there. He always is there. Don’t be afraid to open up and welcome Him into your life. He truly loves you and desires a personal relationship, unlike any other.

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