Break The Chain – OMG and Oh My G**!

‘sBreak The Chain

This post marks the 100th message for the Lift Him Up blog. To celebrate this milestone, a new tab has been introduced on the menu bar: Break The Chain.

Since August of 2014, Lift Him Up has praised, revered, glorified and lifted up our Creator’s title – God. To do any less in our everyday-God-given-lives, is blaspheme. So consider today’s message as extra special to our Father, because I invite you to Break The Chain of misusing His name! Break The Chain was created as a format for you to post your personal commitment to refraining from this social misuse. Or a place to talk about any misuse of God’s name you have seen or heard, and how you feel about it. 

  • Make this simple commitment for the sake of yourself.
  • Make this much needed change in communication skills for the sake of society.
  • Most importantly, surrender the sinful misuse of His glorious name over to Him who gave us our voice in the first place.

If not you then who? Who will stand up for God’s commands? Who will stand up for God to preserve the holiness of His name and break the chain of passing OMGs to BFFs as they LOL? Simply clicking the delete button on specific texts will shine light on your soul.

When you stand up for God’s Law, in this case making the decision not to take the popular and polluting route of using the Lord’s name in vain, you may be faced by those who oppose God’s Law. As stated in Matthew 7:6 – “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

That verse from Matthew powerfully illustrates that believers who speak truth will be confronted by nonbelievers who will not, or cannot, understand God’s Word. 

Unbelievers will state their own philosophy of how to speak The Name. If this occurs, politely disagree and let it be known you believe and choose to follow the third commandment. Your response may feel uncomfortable at first, disagreeing with a relative or friend on a religious topic. But disagreeing is not defined as conflict. Disagreeing means your opinions are opposite. And opposite thoughts do not require condescending attitudes to make the other change their mind.

By simply making known your belief of what G-O-D stands for, and respectfully not judging their belief, you are planting a seed. They may not understand what this law means right now, but you are politely making known the truth. Then, as always, it is up to God to change their unbelieving heart.

Feel welcomed to share comments or share a misuse you heard or witnessed.  The point is each time you take action of writing, you encourage yourself to remember where you stand on truth:

God’s Name Must Be Kept Holy.

Writing will help keep you, in the habit of respecting the word G-O-D.

Join the movement and click Break The Chain now! Describe your commitment to to G-O-D, thus, lifting Him up in the glory that God alone deserves.

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