5 Reasons Why Saying – Oh My G**! Is WRONG

5 Reasons Oh My G**! is wrong

Over the past decades, society has willingly, and I shall also say enthusiastically, decided that exclaiming Oh My G**! is: pertinent, necessary and acceptable in everyday conversations.

However, because of the definition of God, and the way I understand our LORD’s third commandment, I must disagree. Let me share five important reasons why expressing Oh My G**! is absolutely wrong.

1. God is the Being perfect in power, wisdom and glory.

Using His name in any form other than praise and love, transforms His name into verbal trash. When we take His name in vain, we throw away the definitions of who He is. We disregard His written promises and loving nature. As inconsequential as this verbal misuse may seem to the world, Christians know we sin against our Creator when we take His name in vain. 

2. God cannot be around sin.

Picture sin as abominable and dark. God is the total opposite of those two descriptive words. God breathes beauty and bestows His bright brilliance upon us. He cannot be in the presence of any disparaging darkness. Abruptly shouting Oh My G**! falls under the negative description of disparaging. It does not define the positive illustration of brilliance. So to those who choose to vomit up God’s name as an exasperation – unless they confess and ask forgiveness or God grants mercy upon them, they cannot remain forever in His presence.

3. We indirectly instruct young children to follow our deceptive verbal patterns.

This happens each time we repeat this verbal offense. Good parenting skills do not include parents ordering children to copy the parents’ bad habits. But, young children are impressionable and likely to imitate what parents say and do. This simple reflection is a common family occurrence. And when it happens, we are teaching our children to verbally sin and be offensive to God.

4. Using God’s name as an exclamation makes Him common.

And making Him common erases the history of God. In truth, God is not defined as common.  God is greater and more powerful than humans, but sometimes our pride stands in the way of us understanding this fact. We display ignorance for His power each time we ignore His laws. Like a child pleases his parents when he follows their household rules, God is pleased when we follow His commandments.

5. God wrote the third commandment:

Exodus 20:7  “You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name. 

God wrote the commandments with His own hand. He specifically tells us not to take His name in vain. And in the same sentence God wrote that we will be punished if we do! As we grow in the understanding of God’s Word and comply with His will, we benefit from making biblical changes in our lives. Each change, such as not misusing The Name, is a step closer to God.

Pray to change your habit of misusing God’s name, repent and ask forgiveness.

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Then begin to share your decision of following our Lord’s Third Commandment with others. Imagine the positive impact we can have on society by initiating one simple action: Stop Exclaiming Oh My G**!

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