God Is

GOD is more than-6

I once heard a therapist say the brain of a man is like a box. Created to sustain one idea at a time. Not to be filled with many items at once, but structured specifically to hold one thing. When that thing is gone, the box can be refilled with something new. My husband’s brain agrees with this idea.

As for women, our brains were described as a plate of spaghetti. Overlapping and flowing in many directions at the same time. This description prompted me to stop asking my husband “What do you want for dinner? Did you empty the trash? Did you call your brother?” and “Do you know the check engine light is blinking on my dashboard?” all at once, as he works out in the basement. I realize now his focus is singular while mine is multiple.

By contrast, God Almighty, the very creator of man and woman, is capable of both our singular and multiple mental thought processes – and then some.

God is:
Able to focus entirely on you, for as long as you need Him.
Capable of fixing your problems, as if they were the only problems He has today.
Patiently drawing you closer to Him, like a loving father beckons his only child.
Continually working on your personal needs, so you feel His firm hand intimately.

Yes friends, God spends days, weeks and years attending to your very own singular needs. But our God is more than a singular thinker.

God is also:
Soothing multiple relationships so families will stay together.
Comforting others who loose their way, then ask Him for perfect guidance.
Giving support to everyone who has ever grieved the loss of a loved one.
Rejoicing with the entire fellowship, when more than two people worship in His name.

To compare God to our singular or multiple thought process is in error, because God’s capabilities travel beyond our thought process. God is constantly watching, directing, loving and forgiving us in a labyrinth of ways that only He can understand. We will not be privy to His process until we meet Him in heaven. He has a plan for each of us, sometimes intersecting, sometimes running parallel or sometimes intricately woven with the lives of others we have or have not yet met.

Faith in God Is, allows us to trust our needs are taken care of because God is in control of our lives at all times. Take a moment to Lift Him Up and thank God for His amazing multifaceted nature that sustained you in 2014, and will continue to sustain you in 2015.

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