Dear God

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Dear God,

I want to publicly acknowledge my belief in who you are, and offer my thankfulness for your blessings. I believe you are the Creator of the universe. Past, present and future, you are in control of all things seen and unseen. I believe you fashioned me in your image, desiring me to commune with you and to be blessed by you.

Since you gifted me with free will, I have the option to choose for myself what is good verses what is evil. Please forgive me (the tears are coming), for surly I chose evil more times over good. I know I sin more times with my mind than I do with actions or words. That said, you are the only one privy to all of my sin. Too often I offered, assisted, or displayed goodwill to others, but for the wrong reasons. And/or with the wrong emotion in my heart.

Your plans for me, as I discover through my journey of discovering you, are often contrary to what I thought you wanted me to do. And as I press on towards you, sometimes I look back and later realize just how you blessed me. This inspires me to say  “Oh! That’s why He did it!”

Praise the Lord!

Lord I am thankful you knew I would sin. You offered your own son as a living sacrifice, so that I may live eternally in your heavenly kingdom.

Lord I am thankful you touched my heart and mind, so that I may feel and understand the depth of your love and your Holy Word.

Lord I am thankful for your Holy Word. Reading it helps me understand I am asked to spread the Good News of your son Jesus Christ.

Lord I am thankful for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He encouraged me to write a book, Lift Him Up don’t Pull Him Down. A work offering to the Good News dedicated entirely to sharing the importance of acknowledging the names God, Jesus and Jesus Christ.

Lord I am thankful for the production of  this blog. It was created to start an interaction with others, to let them know my desire to lift up your holy name.

And throughout my journey of progressing closer to you, I thank you Lord for the people, places, books, sermons, emotions and events you placed in my path. Some of them I had to battle through. Others lit my way, allowing me to see your direction more clearly.

All are blessings from you Lord. I thank you for each and every gift.

With love and thankfulness.

Your daughter,


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2 thoughts on “Dear God

  1. Wow praise the Lord,i thank God for your life sister Debra.Because you have surrender your life to Him completely,He makes use of you to draw somebody like i & uncountable others out there to Himself.l pray that this year,may the Lord help me to make use of my time,energy,wisdom,and every other good things He has deposited in me for His glory and for bringing sinners to His kingdom,amen

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