The Baby Is Coming! Is Your House Ready?


The Baby Is Coming – quite soon on His way. Have you room in your house He may lay? 

He doesn’t request a baby’s crib, to be left by himself at night.

He prefers close companionship, loving people to hold Him tight.

The Baby Is Coming – His smile is so sweet. Is there food in your house He may eat?

He doesn’t require bottles for milk, sipped near a fire’s ray.

His nourishment comes from the Word of His father, renewing His strength every day.

The Baby Is Coming – not much time to spare. Are there clothes in your house He may wear?

His physical size is a new born babe, but His character is immeasurable.

From earth you cannot buy his clothes. He wears compassion and mercy uncomparable.

The Baby Is Coming – my heart skipped a beat. Have you kept your house tidy and neat? 

He doesn’t hold aires of conceit or pride, though He is of royal line.

He’s humble, He’s love, He’s sent from above, and dust on the floor is just fine.

The Baby Is Coming – so pure, full of hope. He’s our rock when in life we can’t cope.

For three years he’ll preach, instruct us and teach. Then offer His body for pain.

The world will be changed through His blood breath and words. Life eternal is what we will gain.

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