Misusing God’s Title

GOD - Being perfect in power

The habitual pattern of writing and texting OMG, and using Oh My G**!  as an exclamation is out of control. Christians, referencing God in any context that tries to take away the magnificence of who He is and all He has done for us, defiles His true meaning.

noun : the Being perfect in power, wisdom and goodness, who is worshipped as creator and ruler of the universe

G-o-d is not our Lord’s name, it is His title – a title directly referencing who He is. Anyone who worships as a Christian understands whenever God is mentioned, this title refers to the Creator of the universe, because our Creator is God.

God is in our hymns and in our praise songs. God is in our prayers, our Creeds, and our sermons. Adults discuss God in small group Bible studies and hear God honored in sixty thousand seat venues. Children learn about God in Sunday school, youth groups and church camps. In front of God we exchange wedding vows, and baptize babies. And when we gather around our dinner tables, we ask God to bless the food we are about to eat.

In all these circumstances which so many of us participate, we understand God to be the Supreme Being. How then, can any Christian decide when they speak, hear, read or write His title as “OMG” or “Oh my G**!” that now, for these particular exclamations of His name, G-o-d does not represent all His promised eternal meaning?

We daily try to pull Him down from His heavenly throne by living our lives selfishly, each time we incorrectly use His name. And disrespect is not the way to lift up, or show honor, to a higher authority. But, when we follow His third commandment with reverence in our hearts, we offer the rightful honor that is due Him. We are lifting Him up. This is how God desires us to treat Him.

Although it is impossible to actually pull God down to our lowly, earthly level, we never stop trying to raise our importance above Him. We do this each time we disobey any of His commandments.

The Bible tells us in the book of Leviticus, chapter 26, if we obey God’s commands He will give us peace and blessings. If we choose to disobey, then we will be depraved and God will be hostile toward us. When God gave us the Ten Commandments, He was speaking to the Israelites and Non-Israelites alike, at the foot of Mount Sinai. Yes, there were non-Israelites that traveled with Moses in the exodus from slavery in Egypt, and God spoke His Ten Commandments to everyone who was there. He did not single out any ethnicity to hear His holy Word.

Christians, we need to comprehend the eternal importance of not momentarily taking our Lord’s name in vain, and to change our inappropriate habit of misusing His name – thus lifting God up, restoring all glory to Him – He who holds the world in His hands.

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