Who Lights Your Path?

Who lights your path?

What ignites our desire to commune with God, comes from many sources. As a young teenager in the church, I always grew closer to Him at Living Waters church camp. As a young adult, I felt His presence while listening to many preachers and their sermons. This was how I received most of my guiding light, during those stages of my life.

Regrettably, I never allowed God’s light to remain radiant in my life for long periods of time. But recently, looking back on the past few years I come to realize how one young woman is lighting up my path, continually inspiring my search for God’s Word. Unbeknown to her, she demonstrates daily to me how wonderful a life lived in Christ truly is.

My daughter Joy, a university senior, knew during her high school years that Jesus Christ was going to be center in her life. Yes, like all teenagers she made some wrong choices. But when she reflects back, she realizes how those wrong choices put her right where God wanted her to be. Those choices encouraged her to ignite an eternal flame which leads her closer to God.

And now, Joy’s flame is reflecting onto my life’s journey. This is a blessing I never expected twenty-one years ago. After seven years of trying to conceive, my Joy was finally born. To God goes the glory because He deserves it. He gave her to me, and I was grateful for this precious gift. I prayed tearful prayers of thanks to God, promising to raise her in the church, but – I didn’t want Him to be in charge of her life!

I wanted to be the one to help her make decisions, plan her life, give her comfort during pain. Because I am her mother. I held this role back from God. I gave her to Him on Sundays and special Christian events, always making sure Joy knew God socially. But I was selfish. I didn’t want Him to have all her heart or all her faith and trust. I believed that should be mine. Oh, how wrong I was.

Thankfully, in spite of my actions, God lit His path for Joy. Something I realize I never had the power to do. And now God’s light shines through Joy, to help me to find my path. I am not only delighted that God directs Joy’s life, but I am eager to walk with her in the light and follow the path He is creating for our family.

I encourage you to look around, acknowledge and accept how God is lighting a path for you.

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