This Is Not A Welcome Greeting, Fort Worth


Understanding the history of God’s name will help us to better understand the third commandment.

I walked up to a souvenir store in Fort Worth, and saw this t-shirt prominently displayed on a mannequin in their window. It made me  wonder what kind of message the owner was trying to shout at the customers. As Christians, there is only one way to view this tee – from outside the store! Continue reading

Break The Chain – OMG and Oh My G**!

‘sBreak The Chain

This post marks the 100th message for the Lift Him Up blog. To celebrate this milestone, a new tab has been introduced on the menu bar: Break The Chain.

Since August of 2014, Lift Him Up has praised, revered, glorified and lifted up our Creator’s title – God. To do any less in our everyday-God-given-lives, is blaspheme. So consider today’s message as extra special to our Father, because I invite you to Break The Chain of misusing His name! Break The Chain was created as a format for you to post your personal commitment to refraining from this social misuse. Or a place to talk about any misuse of God’s name you have seen or heard, and how you feel about it.  Continue reading


Lift Him Up don't Pull Him Down

Hey friends! It’s here! After two years of learning and love, my book is published. Now is the perfect time to Lift Him Up don’t Pull Him Down.

“Think about your word choices. Are you pulling His name down as an exclamation? Or, lifting His name up in praise or anguish? Now is the time to abandon unacceptable ways of speaking The Names, and embrace a more reverent form.” Continue reading