You should go to church this Sunday!

God misses you when you don’t call out His name.

Are you questioning if Christianity in America is on the decline? Maybe you’ve witnessed family and friends gradually reduce their attendance to church services and events? Or perhaps, you are the one “declining” by sleeping in one or two Sundays each month because you didn’t feel like getting out of bed? (Just too tired to worship, aye?)

May I remind you–You Are Loved–and God misses your exact presence in His house! He misses your beautiful smile. He misses your heart. He misses you singing worship songs off key! God misses every thought, word and deed that you aren’t sharing with Him when you remove yourself from His presence.

God created you to have a relationship with Him and He truly misses it when you stop calling His name.

Many others will be in church this Sunday!

Earth’s Seven Continents

God is everywhere at all times, is intimately known by millions across the world and celebrates each personal relationship. Thought you may occasionally skip services here in North America, know that throughout the world, each of our seven continents show an increase in Christianity. An in-depth report published by Live As Free People states:

“In this post, growth is defined by reaching people and converting them and an increase in church attendance, not birthrate or immigration. Measured in that way, Christianity is the fastest growing religion in the world, without a close second. Periodically updated.

A Pew Research report says that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. However, in this post it is not about birthrate or immigration, but outreach and converts (including immigrants who convert to Christ). Pew does not predict how many people born in Muslims countries, often in squalor, will convert to Christ, which is happening now.”

October 16, 2018

Numbers reveal Christianity growing on the seven continents—

AFRICA —God calls people all over the world to salvation through the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. Christianity Today states over the last years in Africa, the Christian church has increased 51%.

“The growth of the African Church in particular is jaw-dropping. In 1900 there were fewer than 9 million Christians in Africa. Now there are more than 541 million. In the last 15 years alone, the Church in Africa has seen a 51 per cent increase, which works out on average at around 33,000 people either becoming Christians or being born into Christian families each day in Africa alone.”

ASIA— Specifically China, in 1949 1.2 million Christians were found. Today, even under severe persecution from Communist rule there are approximately 100 million Christians.


AUSTRALIA — is seeing an incline in Pentecostalism and megachurches. With nearly 220,000 members in 2006, it grew to 260,500 by 2016. The growth is due in particular to the popularity of the church with those younger than age 34.

NORTH AMERICA — megachurches are also on the rise here, many with 5,000 or more in weekly attendance. Harvard Research, supplied information for an article in the FEDERALIST, January 2018, which says Christianity in America is growing stronger. “. . .while the mainline churches are in drastic free fall, the group that ‘shows the most significant growth is the nondenominational family.’ ” 

SOUTH AMERICA — The stats collected in Christianity Today  state Aouth America is also on the rise—”The growth of Pentecostalism in Latin America is estimated to be at three times the rate of Catholic growth. Non-Catholic believers now account for 2 percent of Latin America’s 550 million Christians.”

And as of today, Brazil has more Catholics and Pentecostals than any other country.

EUROPE Christianity Today reports: “Molly Wall, the programme director of Operation World, adds that amid concern for the overall decline in Christians [in Europe], evangelicals in Europe can feel encouraged as ‘evangelical Christianity grew in strength and confidence in most European countries from the 1990s to the present, even while the overall population grew slowly or even declined’ ”.

ANTARCTICA — in an article found in WorldAtlas, Religious Composition Of Antarctica, “The religion in Antarctica dates back to the discovery of the continent in 18th century. However, Christianity was the first religious practice in the continent. Currently, there are about four religions represent on the continent. Christianity is the major religion in the Antarctica with over 70% of the population identifying with the religion.”

So when you go to church this Sunday, remember to pray for all your Christian brothers and sisters around the world.

Isn’t it sweet to know the church is growing? But, even with millions and millions in attendance around the world each Sunday, if you don’t show up—the service just won’t be the same without you!

If you feel your relationship with God is failing, check out Joy Pedrow Skarka’s post: 10 Ways To Keep Your Relationship With Jesus Fresh. She shares helpful tips to keep you connected to God.

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