The Word vs. The World

The Word vs the world

Word and world alphabetically part company at the fourth letter. We Christians, however,  understand there is literally a world of difference between these two words. The Word is God’s message. It purely instructs us how to live a holy life. The world, however, is not pure. It contains both good and evil. This evil is what tries to cunningly trick us away from God’s Word.

Sometimes The Word’s simplest rules are hardest to obey. If a cashier gives us too much change, or we notice on the receipt an item in our bag was not paid for, it is easier to ignore the blunder than to go all the way back into the store and correct it. A truth may be broken against the business, but why use our precious time to fix it when it’s such an innocent mistake?

The world would tell us not to worry. Companies charge too much for their products anyway. They can afford loosing a few dollars because they cushion their profit margins. But let us read The Word. O, the Lord’s beautiful Word tells us quite the opposite.

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”  Luke 16:10

Being honest or dishonest, reveals our true character. The choice in each circumstance to be honest or dishonest, is always ours to make. To be consistently honest and truthful, in all honesty, is a very hard goal to achieve. Especially with society rushing daily at such a fast pace. We often do not take the time to think if our actions will please God. But that is exactly why, in this fast paced world that we live in, that Christians need to make ourselves intuit to how we will react to certain situations before the situation occurs.

And where will our intuition come from? O, glory to the Lord’s beautiful Word. Only in The Word, do we find the correct answers that will strengthen our character and bring us closer to God.  It is The Word, that will instill in us an instinctive definition of right and wrong, in any situation.

Everyday, the world tempts us not to be Christ like. The world often pushes us to choose evil over good, lies over truth. To have victory over the world’s temptations, keep reading the Word everyday. The Word is our constant defense against the world, which cunningly tries to trick us.

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