Correctly Communicating G-O-D

Correctly Communicating G-O-D

God, Jesus, Christ, and Jesus Christ are positive and loving names. Names that demand the highest regard of human respect our finite minds can conceive. These names should never be used as trash words.  Yet, we trash them daily when we use The Name incorrectly in any unloving or unholy manner. This improper way of speech includes expressing pleasure while using their names in a common way; turning them into something so dirty, smelly or smashed, they are unrecognizable as the true deity they reveal.

Here are six answers to the confusion of correctly communicating G-O-D.

1. Who is the name of God? –  The Supreme Being who created the universe – Genesis 1. Is all seeing, all knowing and all powerful – Psalm 139. Loves us endlessly – 1 John 4:7-21. Does not change James 1:17.  And can do all things Ephesians 3:20-2, just to name a precious few. And the name Jesus is our salvation – Acts 4:12.

2. What are we wrongly expressing by misusing His name? – Disrespect for who God is. Disregard for what God has, is and will do for us. Contempt, by trying to make ourselves more important that our Creator. Each time we misuse the names God and Jesus, we actually reverse their meaning, using them as a sharp sword to pierce Him yet again.

3. When is it appropriate to speak God’s name? – Anytime we have reverence in our hearts for who He is. This can be in times of great joy, when we are thankful, “Oh, my God, thank you. After seven years I am finally pregnant.” Or in times of extreme distress when we need answers,  “Oh, my God, why did a miscarriage happen again?”

4. Where are the irreverent offenses are taking place? – Everywhere there are people talking. Sports arenas, hair salons, grocery stores, coffee shops, schools, the work place. In texts: OMG! Not only are we personally saying it, the blasphemous words continually resound in movies and television programs. And we also hear it in church setting. Sadly for God, there seems to be no place this offense is off limits.

5. How are we desecrating the holiness of His name? – By our lowering G-O-D to a human level, using His name as a commonplace expression. We are allowing His title to loose the holiness and reverence which is His alone. And if we dare try to make God human, why would we continue to offer Him holiness and reverence anyway?

6. Why should we stop all profane references? – Because God demands Exodus 20:7, and deserves Revelation 4:11 respect. The Names should be regarded with high esteem and revered above all else. There is no one else who reigns above the Lord God Almighty. We need to remember this in our hearts, each time we choose to speak His holy name.

Christians, let us remember to Lift Him Up!

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Lift Him Up don't Pull Him Down

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