Planting Seeds For God

Planting seeds for God

There are many choices we have to make everyday. They start in the morning with “Is the weather forecast reliable and what outfit should I wear?” Continues through the afternoon with “Which vegetables do I like and how high should I pile them on my salad without looking like a chow hound?” And proceed through the night when calculating “Do I have time to call and chat with my sister before my favorite show starts? Probably not.”

Those types of mundane choices are usually done with no direct thought about the process. But when it comes to deciding how to share our faith, which Christians are called to do, a lot of judging, assessing and reckoning goes into the process. 

  • Judging occurs when we pre-decide how the other person will respond to our verbal offering. We basically try to forecast, based on what we know or perceive about the other person, if they will accept our Christian beliefs.
  • Assessing happens when we estimate if the results we may or may not get from our action of sharing, are worth the rejection we may or may not receive from the other person.
  • Reckoning can be defined as counting or believing. My thought process is you can count on the other person believing or not believing whatever you are about to share with them, regarding the Bible. We just never know.

The point is, we do not have the power to turn the hearts of unbelievers into believers. Only God can do that. But we are called to spread the Gospel. Unbelievers may not understand or acknowledge our faith, but we can politely make known Truth by planting seeds. Then as always, it is up to God to make the seed blossom.

Sharing my faith is not always easy for me. I am a judger, assessor and reckoner. So instead of fretting over the thought that I must have long, biblical conversations to share the gospel, which only happened a few times, I start with a simple seed.

Somehow in the conversation, I share my husband and I enjoy attending Saturday night services, which we call “date night.” We also do Sunday morning services, but the term “date night” seems to necessitate an explanation. If they are local, I invite them to church with us. I never had any takers on the first invitation. It took a span of time and a few invitations to get three different couples to come to church with us on separate occasions.

Your seed of choice is up to you. God is the one who will water it.

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