Deciding To Honor God’s Name

Honor God's Name

The choice to follow God is ours. God gave us this option. He does not force His way upon us, He is our loving God who provided us with the path to truth and eternal life. Yes, the Holy Spirt gives us a kick in our side sometimes to help us along the way, but the decision to stay on the path is still up to us.

Too often we impose selfish morals on ourselves, overriding God’s perfect plan. This happens each time we speak His name in vain. Some do not agree that writing or speaking OMG and Oh my G**! are breaking the third commandment. But the truth is these phrases reference our Creator’s title – God. And the creator of the universe deserves nothing but praise and honor.

This action to trample down the title of our Lord does not please Him. Regardless we find the words shouting at us in print, or expelled on daily TV shows. Just because something is popular, that does not mean it is right. We are individuals, who in the end, will be judged individually for our word choices. So it is important to remember what God’s third commandment states. 

“You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name. Exodus 20:7

God has already told us we will not be found guiltless for misusing His name. But the good news is, God forgives our sin when we come to Him and confess and repent. Our soiled track is made new.

If we commit to God, He can change any undesirable behavior. He can work through us to make us humble, so we faithfully accept and follow His lead. With this respectful attitude we lift Him up. Our understanding of who God is, will begin a life of decision making based in God’s law, not our own.

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