Stay On God’s Course

Stay on God's course.

Far back before our minds can comprehend time, God charted a course for our lives. He mapped out how we should interact, living lives that glorify His name. Like precision gears turn in the bows of a battleship, like controls in the cockpit operate in perfect sync, like all hands-on-deck work as one – our Master is in charge of and commands a complex course for each of us.

Have you ever imagined what you thought to be your perfect plan?

  • College
  • Great job
  • Marriage
  • Family
  • Success
  • Good health
  • Retirement

This was the plan I thought I should follow. But we live in the real world, and recognize life has no steadfast course, it always veers along the way.

Four years away at college was too expensive, so I lived at home and got an Associates Degree in two years. The great job turned out to be working as a laborer for a local business. The marriage came as planned – but the family? It took seven years, two miscarriages, and doctors with drugs to produce one child. My success, when judged by popular tabloid standards, is naught. The good health lasted fifty-five years, then I found out about my MS. As for retirement, I just wish to live long enough to enjoy it.

Looking back, it’s easy to see my “plan” veered off in many directions. And I am so thankful that God changed my course. Jeremiah 29:11

Community college is where I locally met my best friend for life. The Associates Degree led to a laborer job, which is where I met my husband thirty-four years ago. We just celebrated thirty years of marriage last month. Seven years of waiting to get pregnant allowed us time as a couple,  for too-many-to-count adventurous vacations, lots of week-ends with friends who also did not have children at the time, and the luxury to build a new home. When my daughter did arrive, she was more precious than I could imagine. And now this lovely young woman helps light my flame for Christ.

As for success, I judge myself a winner each time I triumph over a personal battle that stands between me and my God. And as Christians, we learn that struggling through tough times deepens our faith and brings us intimately closer to God because we lean on Him every step of the way. I turn over to God the worries for my future health, and do my part by eating healthy, staying fit, and regular doctor check-ups. Being a Christian also means I do not wish anymore. My life, my “plan” is in God’s hands. And the only plan I know that works, is to stay on His course, not mine.

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