Rooted in God’s Love

Are you rooted in God's love?

Sometimes life strikes us hard. So hard that it strikes the life right out of us. Unexpectedly, death jumps out and grabs hold. We try doctors, drugs, procedures and prayer, but eventually death overcomes our resistance. We know death will happen – but are we prepared for it to happen unexpectedly to a loved one, leaving us behind without them?

Staying rooted in God’s love is the only way I know to overcome the darkness of death. Believing God loves us so much, that He sent His only Son (John 3:16) to die a torturous death so that our death will not be an end, but a beginning. The beginning of an everlasting life in His presence. Where we know only love, and no longer experience physical or emotional pain. Staying rooted in this core Christian belief is what helps Christians work through the loss of a loved one.

Recently, a Beloved Woman I did not know died. But I could tell from the heartfelt posts on Facebook, she was a lovely lady who will be dearly missed. Posts about her read – “amazing person, sweet lady, great friend, heaven has gained an angel,” and it specifically noted her helpfulness to others.

As this woman lay in the hospital, unexpectedly experiencing life threatening changes to her body, her deep rooted Christian Friend began the urgent heartfelt request for prayers. I prayed, the Christian Friend prayed, and I’m sure too numerous to count other Christians prayed as well.

The Christian Friend stayed calm, sharing downhill updates, requesting more prayers with each post. And each time, Facebook friends rallied saying “prayers sent your way.” I was one of them. Lots of people were praying for the Beloved Woman. But sadly, our prayers were not answered in the way we were all praying.

While I was enjoying the company of friends watching football, try as she might through prayer and prayer requests, the devoted Christian Friend suffered the lost of a good friend. Yesterday, this was sad news to read on Facebook. But today, I accept this news another way.

Now the Beloved Woman is experiencing the love of God face to face, set free from all earthly pain and suffering. She is in His holy presence understanding more than we can, about the gifts of staying rooted in God’s love through life’s hard times. She is privy to the heavenly answer of our unending question – “Why?”.  And because of this knowledge, I believe she is happy her Christian Friend never ceased in her faith in God, never stopped praying or asking for prayers, and never doubted His plan over her own.

When my time comes, and it will surly come, I pray my Christian family and friends stay rooted in God’s love, as the Christian Friend in this post did. I pray they never doubt His plan over their own. Yes, pray for me continually, and miss me when I pass, but stay rooted in the understanding it is God’s loving plan, not ours, that rules.

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