Unlock Your Heart

Unlock your heart for God.

Today is a beautiful day! Wherever you are right now, there may be sunshine or rain, or hot or cold air. The climate around us does not matter. Today is a beautiful day because God gave us another opportunity to glorify His name.

Yesterday we sinned. Yesterday we were rude to our spouse. We swore under our breath at a truck driver who cut us off. We worshipped the computer instead of spending one-on-one time with family. But that was yesterday, and today we start fresh because God gave us another beautiful day.

All days start with the rising of the sun. God planned it that way. He makes it happen and it’s a spectacular gift to us each morning. Now what gift could we possibly give back to God each morning, that reciprocates this generosity? What gift gives God great joy?

Our hearts.

When we unlock our hearts and invite God into our life, we give Him glory. Our action means we trust God to be in control. We are acknowledging His authority over all that we do, allowing Him to lead us. We are accepting all activity and events that come our way, good and bad.

We accept the bad with the good because we are trusting God’s plan for us, growing in faith and learning He is in control. If we follow the repetitious action of unlocking our hearts each morning to God, just as He repeatedly allows the sun to rise each morning for us, we Lift Him Up.  This repetitive action brings us closer to God, because we are remembering each morning in prayer, to put Him first.

Beginning tomorrow start each day in a short prayer, unlocking your heart to God. Simply tell God:

  • Lord, you are in control of life.
  • Lord, you have authority over all.
  • Lord, you alone know the master plan. Please lead me.

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