Jesus’ 7 Miracles In John’s Gospel

The word gospel originally was defined by the Christian message itself–the truth that Jesus is the son of God, fully human yet fully God, was born on earth by a virgin, spent the last three years of His life on earth sharing who His is with others, and then gave Himself , though faultless, as a sacrifice for all sin so that believers may receive salvation and spend eternity in heaven.

Over time, gospel came to be used for the books in which the story of salvation through Jesus is written: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Each of the four gospels are written by a different author, and are originally directed at different audiences. Though the tone and setting of each book differ, their main purpose is clear throughout–to explain in their own style without a doubt the purpose of Jesus on earth.

John, an original apostle of Christ, writes to prove to all that Jesus is the Son of God. John includes these miracles in his gospel.

The 7 Miracles in John’s Gospel:

1. Jesus Changes Water Into Wine – John 2:1-11. . . . .This miracle proves Jesus is still Master of Creation.

2. Jesus Heals A Government Official’s Son – John 4:46-54. . . . .This miracle proves Jesus is not limited by geography.

3. Jesus Heals A Lame Man By A Pool – John 5:1-15. . . . .This miracle proves Jesus is not limited by time.

4. Jesus feeds 5,000 – John 6:1-13. . . . .This miracle proves Jesus is the source of both physical and Spiritual needs.

5. Jesus Walks On Water – John 6:16-21. . . . .This miracle proves Jesus is not limited by physics.

6. Jesus Heals The Man Who Was Born Blind – John 9:1-34. . . . .This miracle proves Jesus is light, both physical and spiritual.

7. Jesus Brings Lazarus Back From The Dead – John 111:38-44. . . . .This miracle proves Jesus overcomes death.

I invite you spend two quiet hours and get to know Jesus better by reading the gospel of John. It begins with the awesome information that Jesus is eternal and was present at creation. It shares the story of Jesus’ baptism, selecting His disciples, His encounters with believers and unbelievers as well, His miracles, His Messianic claims, His blessed teachings and His crucifixion.

What a beautiful name it is–Jesus Christ!

John’s stated purpose for writing his Gospel was to prove that Jesus is indeed the Son of God. And He clearly and precisely writes what he saw as clear evidence. Now, it’s up to you to read and receive the blessings of Jesus.

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    • Victoria, that is wonderful news! Jesus loves you and will give you peace. Pray to Him and He will be with you always. May the Holy Spirit be in your heart forever and always! May God bless you!


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