Keep the True Light, JESUS, burning this Christmas. Pass it on!

The Christmas season has arrived!

Radio stations have started their twenty-five days of joyful Christmas carols. Families are addressing beautiful Christmas cards to loved ones. Delicious recipes are being pulled from kitchen drawers in preparation for baking Christmas cookies. And Christmas trees stand tall for purchase; soon to be decorated in anticipation of Christmas presents ready to surround them.

All these festive activities point to only one blessed extraordinary day, a day which school children and employees alike will be excused from their expected duties–Christmas!

But, dear followers of the True Light of Christmas, do you know there are some folks out there directly trying to snuff the festivities Christians enjoy as we ponder the true meaning of Christmas?

Luke 2:11 Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.

Yes, I know December 25 may not be the actual date Jesus was born. December 25 was a date chosen to replace a pagan holiday. Some believe Jesus may have been born in the spring based on celestial records and ancient calendars.

December 25 celebrates the birth of our Savior.

Thought the exact date of Jesus’ birth is not agreed upon, December 25 is the chosen date we Christians celebrate the birth of our Messiah. So please–let Christians celebrate Christmas!

Christmas trees are being renamed by certain politicians.

Wisconsin governor Tony Evers is one of the people trying to snuff Christmas tradition. This year he’s calling the elegant evergreen on display at the state Capitol a holiday tree instead of simply stating it’s a Christmas tree. He’s choosing to ignore a traditional Christian celebration of Christmas in his state.

Lighting menorah candles for Hanukkah.

I wonder how our Jewish friends would feel, if there’s a menorah at Wisconsin state Capitol for Hanukkah, if the governor should declare it simply a candle holder?

Years ago, South Orange Maplewood School in New Jersey banned religious Christmas carols. That makes South Orange also a Christmas snuffer. Though a parent has been fighting the ban through the court system, Christmas may be losing the battle. How is it the system has forgotten that children have always gotten time off from school in December because of the meaning behind songs like O Holy Night, not because of the meaning behind Frosty The Snowman.

And Starbucks released their Christmas cups this month. This year they offer four different designs on their Christmas cups to “evoke mini moments of joy.” Though they are cute, many patrons over the last years expressed desire for a true Christmas cup. A cup more representing the real meaning of the holiday.

If they go to all the trouble to create four designs, why can’t just one of those designs reflect a true meaning of Christmas? After all, Christ is the One who brings joy.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Starbucks listened to their Christian base (Christians comprise 71% of Americans), as well at they listened to their environmentalist base (environmentalist comprise 42% of Americans)?

Are your Christmas traditions celebrating Jesus getting snuffed?

Little by little Christians are being snuffed.

We are forced to celebrate Christmas the way non-Christians want us to celebrate. We are being forced into compromising long standing traditions, in order to please their unbelief.

Last year, Woodland, Washington was forced to remove a decades-old nativity scene after constitutional complaints were made.

Three years ago, a nativity scene owned by the City of Menominee in Michigan was also forced to move. For decades, the display was part of Christmas at the Great Lakes Marina Memorial Park.

Five churches, two businesses, and one Menominee resident offered space for the original display, which now can be seen at the Abundant Life Church & Mission.

Life size nativity scene.

Sad, so many want to snuff out Christmas. But thankfully, there are more and more folks not allowing that to happen!

This Christmas season, I encourage you to keep Jesus, the True Light of Christmas, burning for all to see.

Repost this message and share it with your Facebook and Pinterest friends. Shine brightly the light of baby Jesus, that He may draw in the hearts of the unbelievers.

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